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As previously mentioned, I received the complete series of Slings and Arrows for Christmas. Now, this was a bit of a risk seeing as I had never watched the show at all before. But I needed more Cancon to fill my days and from what I read about it, it seemed like something I liked. So we watched the first two episodes. At first, I thought it seemed a bit slow, though there were lots of moments that made me laugh. But at the end of each episode, I couldn’t wait to see the next one. I just had to know what was going to happen. And now I can’t stop watching it! I heart it. The downside is that there are only 3 seasons and to make it even worse, there are only 6 episodes per season. So I’m torn between needing to see them at once or making them last…I’m going to watch them all at once. But there are two things that I feel the need to point out:

(1) The show is SO Canadian. Aside from the subtle slowness (we Canadians don’t like to rush a story) and the financial trouble of the festival, forcing them to always look for funding (ah, good times), it stars pretty much Canadian royalty: Paul Gross, Mark McKinney, Don McKeller, Martha Burns, Rachel MacAdams, Colm Feore, Stephen Ouimette and Michael Polley, who is, of course, the father of Sarah Polley who also pops up in season 3. I could spend the rest of the challenge just going through all the amazing things these people have done but I won’t. It has the touches of bizarre which always feels so Canadian. And such great lines like “Darren, everybody cries when they get stabbed. There’s no shame in that.”

(2) Related to the first note, it’s made me realize how much the theatre plays a role in Canadian culture and it’s cinema and television. I mean, the majority of those actors listed above have done or got their start in theatre. And it’s not hard to see the similarities between the New Burbage festival in the show and the Stratford Festival in real life. But in the first season, an American actor is sent to send in to play Hamlet in order to get crediability. It’s funny because it’s kinda how it works (and was inspired by Kneau Reeves playing Hamlet in Winnipeg) but that’s not how it works in Canadian. Most actors here already have theatre experience, thus are more “legitimate”. Or else they’ve started their own comedy troupe. In the states, they all just start on soap operas (just kidding – sometimes they don’t even bother with them anymore). I’ll leave everybody to draw their own conclusions about who has better actors…


Okay, I can’t hold it back any longer. I cheated. But before you judge me too harshly, let me tell you that it’s probably the lamest cheat I could’ve done. So it was Christmas Eve and I had done so well over the past couple months and I was so proud at not even once accidentally watching anything other than Canadian Content. But just two days before the reprieve, I failed.

I was sitting around with my family, seeing what was on and any Christmas specials that were left on the eve before Christmas. I wasn’t paying attention to we started watching an Andrea Bocelli special (he may or may not have been at the Vatican. I’m still not sure if it was referring to that show or advertising a different special). And then because my brother and sister have a tradition of always watching the Mormon Tabermnacle Choir so we were flipping back and forth. About half way through the Mormons, I realized what had happened. I blemished my perfect record with Mormons! So please, don’t blame me. Blame the Mormons.

But don’t worry. I’m back with Degrassi today and learning about gonorrhea. This is why I love Canadian content.


So here was my Christmas present to my family: I gave in and watched any American TV they wanted on Boxing Day. We have a long family tradition of spending our Boxing Day sitting around, eating leftovers and watching all the movies and TV shows that we got the day before. Tis a noble tradition. I realized that I was going to through a wrench into the plans seeing as we bought my mother Jericho and knew that my brother was getting Futurama and my sister NCIS. It seemed unfair to limit all the TV show watching that day to only the Canadian content that I receieved (which ended up being the 1st season of Corner Gas and the complete series of Slings and Arrows). Thus, I granted them the Boxing Day Reprieve. So we happily sat around watching Futurama and a lot of NCIS (I forgot how much I really like that show…oh Gibbs) and my family didn’t hate me. It truly was a Christmas miracle.

But now we are back to the cold hard reality of this challenge. At least now the pond of Canadian content I have to reach into has been refreshed. Here’s to the next 4 months!!!


This isn’t exactly related to Cancon or television at all but guess who passed by my house this morning??? The Olympic flame! Now, considering that the rely is 106 days and going through numerous cities, it’s not that big of a deal. But then again, I’m home for the holidays and thus in the small small town of Fort Erie. Why would the flame be there? I have no idea but it was. In fact, I got my picture taken with one of the torchbearers and then the flame was passed right at the corner by my house. It’s a pretty big deal here! I just wish I had a pair of those red mittens!!!

On a television related note, The Hour’s Christmas special is on tonight. Bunch of people singing. Should be good times. I know I’m excited.


So a little while ago, Strombo did a dare for the Stephen Lewis Foundation which found him skating with the Battle of the Blades crew, wearing a Maple Leafs jersey. It was kinda funny to watch and we all had a good time. Then, Strombo said that they were auctioning off the jersey that he had worn and it was signed by not only himself, but all of the people at Battle of the Blades. Cool stuff, right??? I would love it have that but assumed that it would be ghastly expensive.

But then I found it on ebay. And the current bid? $407. Seriously?! I mean, I could very well take that much off my credit line and consider it a worthy buy. Only $407??? I mean, I thought the Strombo fans alone would be shelling out mad cash for not only an item of his clothing, but a Maple Leafs jersey that he wore and signed. And then add all the autographs from Battle of the Blades? There is no way that this should be in my price range (mind you, it’s not really. There just happens to be a possibility that I could buy it). I just think that this item happens to be worth more.

If you want to check it out for yourself, or have a Strombo fan that would appreciate it, here it is: You have less than a day to make it your’s!