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For some time I have known that my legacy at Film Army will be my posts about hot men. My most popular post is my list of hot men on Canadian TV from 2011. And now it’s become a tradition that I look forward to every year. But this is also the only reason that CBC pays attention to me. First was when they showed my Film Army tweet about Allan Hawco during the webcast of the Canadian Screen Award pre-show. Now, after we tweeted out my hot men post for this year, Jay Scotland tweeted back about how surprised he was to make it on the list (which is silly. He is an attractive man who tells me about the weather. How is that not hot?). So I figure I just have to keep writing about attractive, shirtless men and then you will give me a job. And I’m fine with that.

Please check out who made the list this year! (and 2012 while you’re at it)


One of the most interesting stats that I receive for this blog is how people stumble upon my insightful reflection, specifically what they are typing into google to get here. I noticed an interesting trend in the searches and wanted to share them with you:

Top Searches

  1. (not provided) - 5 Visits
  2. allan hawco - 3 Visits
  3. allan hawco naked - 1 Visits
  4. allusionist vorstenbosch - 1 Visits
  5. michael seater sexy - 1 Visits

You know, I always said that the best way to get people to watch Canadian TV is hot men and apparently that’s also how I drive traffic to my blog. In fact, my most popular post for Film Army to this day is still 10 Hottest Men in Canadian Television. But I can only imagine how disappointed they are when they actually get here.

Just giving the people what they want

Just giving the people what they want 


So I was lucky enough to be covering the Canadian Screen Awards last week for Film Army. I shared air with Rick Mercer and Heather Conkie which excited me beyond reason. However, the most exciting moment of the three nights was during the red carpet coverage by CBC Live. As part of their social media coverage, they mentioned one of my fascinating tweets about none other than Allan Hawco.

Joining the fight for more Shirtless Allan Hawco.

Joining the fight for more Shirtless Allan Hawco.

I can only assume that this means that you appreciate my humour and support my desire for half naked men. And that we are pretty much BFFs at this point. Or at least past the pre-screen process. The live streaming of the red carpet was fascinating. You might even consider streaming the industry nights as well next year. I know certain people who are into that type of thing. And if you need any help, I would be more than happy to oblige.

But seriously, can anyone blame me?

But seriously, can anyone blame me?

cbc love

Dear CBC,

Now, to say that I want to work for you would be an understatement. To say that I am passionate about Canadian television would be an even bigger understatement. In the clearest way possible, I want to own you one day (understanding, of course, that you are a crown corporation and that I cannot actually own you).

I am completely willing to start off at the bottom. I am willing to do whatever you need me to do. Does Peter Mansbridge need coffee? I can get Peter Mansbridge some coffee. Does Rick Mercer need a massage? I can give Rick Mercer a massage. Does Allan Hawco need to be rubbed down with oil? I will rub Allan Hawco down with oil. You will have no other employee as devoted as myself.

Or if Allan Hawco wants coffee...

Or if Allan Hawco wants coffee…

My obsession interest in the CBC started a few years back with the show jPOD. As a Douglas Coupland fan, I was ecstatic when the show came out and stayed with it through it all (even when the episodes were aired out of order and after its cancellation was announced). Despite growing up with Canadian content, I had never really been aware or concerned about it. There was Mr.Dressup and Under the Umbrella Tree and back in the day when MuchMusic mattered. I even watched Canadian Idol because I thought it was my patriotic duty. But it wasn’t until jPOD that it sparked something in me.

This new interest percolated until September 2009 when I began my CanCon Challenge. For the next eight months, I only watched Canadian productions (except for a mishap with some Mormons but I still consider that forgivable). I wanted to explore what the Canadian industry had to offer and demonstrate that there was both quality and quantity to be found. Not surprisingly, the CBC was my greatest provider of entertainment during this time.

But I am only human.

But I am only human.

Nowadays, I am the Canadian Content Analyst at Film Army which only continued to foster the CBC love. Each new season, I scour CTV and Global looking for some good CanCon but am always sorely disappointed. I rant and rave about the lack of Canadian productions and our need to be aware of our own cultural output. And if you don’t like, do something about it instead of changing the channel. Stop whining about there being no good Canadian TV unless you’ve actually given it a shot. A lot of ranting and raving.

Admittedly, at first my dream job was McClelland & Stewart back when I was thinking of going into publishing and part of me wanted to be Margaret Atwood (but what young Canadian female writer doesn’t?). But then I moved to Ottawa and took a Scriptwriting program and my focus changed. I turned to the beacon of Canadian broadcasting: You.

I don’t want to throw too much at you at once so I figured we could spend some time getting to know one another. I have posted my resume and previous blogs for your perusal and will continue to share the reasons in which I believe I am perfect for your organization. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Still the best thing since Don Messer's Jubilee

Still the best thing since Don Messer’s Jubilee